Small Business Security – Protecting Your Business Against Fraud And Theft

There are many different types of malicious files and software that are written for the Windows operating system. Most of the time people think of these as viruses and spyware. These can hurt your system on the software level as well as the hardware level. They can also spy on what you do on your computer making you have privacy issues. One thing that many are not aware of are things called botnets.

I am using AGV anti virus. I have found it to be totally reliable. There are other programs, I expect, that are just as good. Zone alarm also has a very good reputation. There are lots of others that won’t break the bank.

The truth of the matter, however, is that the blue screen may be caused by a computer virus. Fortunately, there are online repair programs that can run a deep scan of your computer. A good online program will be able to not only find the errors, but can also automatically fix your system software problems.

I was about ready to give this printer away to someone that I don’t like, and buy a replacement printer of another brand. Finally I discovered the remedy! I downloaded a free version of “Foxit Reader” and selected that for my default PDF reader. Problem solved! As a bonus this free program also allows saving filled forms where the free version of Adobe does not.

Avira provides anti-small business ransomware protection, and the firewall is courtesy of PC Firewall Plus. Spyware Terminator handles the malware as long as it is updated regularly and run often. There is no reason to pay for Email these days. In fact it is better, for portability, to go with one that is not tied to your ISP. Gmail comes out ahead but has the minor drawback of displaying ads.

Get an up-to-date protect from virus. If you get into the habit of getting the updates for this software, the latest threats should be avoided as the software is going to protect you.

I am writing this with Microsoft Live Writer and will continue to use it. Others tried include BlogDesk, Qumana and Scribe Fire. All do the job but all have their quirks. For straight text editing NoteTab Light handles all but the most demanding tasks while being simple enough for unsophisticated users (myself). A seemingly endless variety of word processors are available,from the most basic to those that rival the big boys such as Word. Having tested a few I rely mainly on Jarte which consumes little real-estate but does all that I require of it.

If you install a virus protection software, Firewall and spyware software your computer will be well protected and you will have peace of mind. And, you needn’t spend a lot. In each category you can find a free version that is very good and will help keep your computer problem free.

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