A Veteran’s Day Encounter

Let’s face it, women. Most of us are overworked, overstressed and underpaid. And searching for a healthy balance between domesticity and work can be frustrating.

Members of military households frequently feel the exact same anger fight veterans feel toward anti-war components who seem to have no sense of the importance of safeguarding our nation or the sacrifices needed. Even in the wake of the Iraq war, during which 25 million people were freed from a murderous totalitarian, and offered an opportunity to breathe free, anti-war critics can not be dissuaded from denigrating the military or their leaders, consisting of President Bush and Sec. Rumsfeld.

We, the citizens of Selma, will reveal honor and respect by merely stopping to keep in mind the fallen heroes of many disputes and numerous generations. We will remember those who served in our nation’s militaries, and those who continue to serve. We will remember those who served by teaching America’s young individuals, for, as Edmund Burke proclaimed, “education is the cheap defense of nations.” We will remember those Happy Veterans Day of the civil rights disputes, and those who suffered the pain of other’s intolerance and disrespect.

Thomas was born in Baltimore County, Maryland, on March 13, 1932. He was the youngest of thirteen children. His family held a history of military service, and he was not going to miss his chance Veterans day to follow in his siblings’ steps.

His projects consisted of Arlington, Virginia; Korea; and two trips in Hawaii. Retiring on January 1, 1987, he went to work at the Martinsburg Veterans Affairs Medical Center, where he works to this day.

During Grimm’s 11 seasons, the Redskins had 6 various running backs lead the group in hurrying, and 3 of them, Hall of Famer John Riggins, George Rogers, and Earnest Byner, had 1,000-yard seasons. Washington ended up in the top five in the NFL in passing 5 times during Grimm’s career. He made 4 consecutive Pro Bowls, was called a three-time All-Pro, and was chosen to the NFL’s All-Decade Group of the 1980s. Quarterbacks and running backs changed throughout the Redskins’ run of four Super Bowls in nine seasons, however Grimm was one of happy Veterans day the constants, in addition to Jacoby, Hall of Fame receiver Art Monk, coach Joe Gibbs, and defensive coordinator Richie Petitbon.

Restaurant Discounts – In an effort to show and honor gratitude for the females and males who have served our county in the military, restaurants all over the county are using price breaks to those who show their military IDs.

So teachers and parents honor the guys and women who battled for our country and participate in any number of activities around Staten Island with your families. Share with your households about the true meaning of Veteran’s Day. A minimum of this is one instructor’s guidance. And teachers enjoy your day off. I hope to.

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