10 Questions To Ask A Remodeling Contractor

Most people would find it more affordable to buy a house and then remodel it later on. The cost of buying a used house and remodeling it later is much cheaper compared to building a new house from scratch and it also takes less time remodeling than building a new one. So how do you start remodeling your home?

For the tasks you decidedly cannot do on your own, invite a few contractors to your house to offer quotes on what the total project will cost. Compare the offers. Ask what, in particular, makes one remodeling contractor able to offer this set of services for lower than another’s bid.

For instance, do you need to replace your roof-decking, perhaps all of it, perhaps just a few sheets of plywood…? If there are soft spots, these are areas that probably need new plywood, which brings up whether it is the right thickness or not?.75″ thick is recommended,.5″ minimum.

What pitch is your roof (is it flat or steep)? The pitch of your roof is a very obvious and important factor in replacing a roof. Metal, Rubber, and roll-on roofing are most advantageous when dealing with a flat roof. Slate is commonly used on steep roofing along with shingles which are definitely not to be used on flat roofing.

Next, call these contractors and tell them about your proposed project and ask if they do that type of work. Some contractors specialize in commercial projects, so look for the ones who do mostly residential work. Then set up appointments to meet the home remodeling contractors phoenix separately. Don’t try to save time by having them all come at once. This is uncomfortable for the contrcators and it makes it difficult for you to get a feel for each contractor and try to make a connection with them. It’s also very important that you know exactly what outcome you want from your remodel. Each contractor needs to bid on exactly the same thing. It will be much easier to compare bids if all the remodleing contractors are bidding on the same thing. You can’t compare apples to oranges.

You need to find a contractor who normally does jobs within the same price range as your project. If they normally do small jobs, then your project may be too large for them to handle. At the same time, if they tend to do larger jobs, then your project may never get finished.

The only way for a small business to market effectively is to target market. The only way to be VERY effective in your marketing is to bulls-eye market.

When you find a contractor whom you do want to work with and the price is still an issue, talk to the contractor. He or she is a professional who will be able to help craft the your project to work within your budget. You will end up with a room you love and a remodeling experience worth telling your friends about.

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