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The Mind Opening Books are published

 by author Burton H. Wolfe

continuing his 50 years of myth busting


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E-books Presently Available


   Gems from the Internet ($6)  A collection of the funniest, most insightful, brilliantly illustrated essays that have come into thousands of email inboxes from originators unknown - edited, but kept in their intended mode, whether folksy or intellectual.

    True History of the Monopoly Game ($8) – How a professor who invented the Anti-Monopoly game touched off a ten-year litigation war with Parker Brothers/General Mills and, in the process, discovered that it was an invention by a follower of Henry George and his Single Tax idea that evolved into a folk game played for nearly 30 years as "monopoly" (small m) before Parker Brothers stole it from the originators and the Quakers who put the Atlantic City property names on the board. Unlike that of the producers of the commercialized Monopoly game, the purpose of the originators was not to glorify success in aggrandizement of property and wealth, but rather to teach, via an entertaining game, the evils of monopolies, capitalism, and landlordism, and to promote Henry George's single tax as the alternative.

    The Devil's Avenger ($12)The only authentic biography of Anton Szandor LaVey, the audacious man who took the role of the Devil's representative on earth, founded the Church of Satan, established the basic source of modern Satanism via his Satanic Bible, mocked the Catholic Church with his performance of the dreaded Black Mass, taught his disciples how to be warlocks and witches, and bedded down Hollywood sex goddesses Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield, two of his disciples.

    Lucifer's Dictionary of the American Language ($9) The only dictionary that spells words according to the way Americans pronounce them, and that defines words in keeping with what Americans really mean by them. “Hilarious” – Norman Goldman, editor of Book Pleasures.

     Alice 's Second Trip to Wonderland ($7) This realistic fantasy presents Lewis Carroll's Alice as she would logically be at age 19 after her weird early childhood relationship with the Reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (Carroll’s true name), who arranged her in sexy poses for his collection of photos of little girls. At 19 Alice has become almost atheistic. On the wildest yet of her fantastic trips, her views emerge in lively, humorous banter with a phantasmagoric array of characters such as Humpty Dumpty The 600th More or Less - all in a world that looks like a racetrack.

    No Lawyer Necessary ($10)This definitive book on how to use power of attorney describes many tasks, supposedly that only a lawyer can perform, which you can do on your own or through your spouse, relative, friend, or colleague. Included in this unique book are clear instructions and forms that only require your filling in the blanks.




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